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Visit The Aran Islands
1.5 hours from Galway, Ireland

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Worm Hole
Kilronan Pier
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Seal Colony
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Aran Glamping
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The Aran Islands

The three Aran Islands first termed as “the Islands of Saints & Scholars” , are important elements of Celtic cultural for their geological formation, historical monuments and their linguistic and cultural heritage. Inis Mór Island (Big Island), Inis Meáin Island (Middle island) and Inis Oírr Island (East island) are situated in a north westerly, south easterly direction at the mouth of Galway Bay, Ireland. The Irish(Gaelic) language is still spoken here and in the twenty first century all native born islanders are bilingual in both Irish and English.

 “The Aran island’s has a strong spiritual appeal expressed in many ways
for a diverse range of people”

Because of its Celtic and Christian heritage, The Aran Islands has an unusually high number of ruins and sacred sites. Holy Ireland, the Island of saints and scholars has historically centered around Celtic and Christian pilgrimage. Just by exploring or being on the Aran Islands, one is on a path to connecting with their spiritual innerself and is being ‘blessed’.

Many have been ‘healed’, attend spiritual ceremonies such as the Summer Solstice, increasing numbers are getting married on the Aran Islands, city dwellers, business people, and people who need time out to think gravite to the rejuvenation that the peace of the Aran Islands offers.

The Aran Island’s has a strong spiritual appeal expressed in many ways for a diverse range of people. The umbrella of a cross section of religions and ancient times attracts all sorts of people from various religious denominations and each year there are a large number of various groups on pilgrimage on the Aran Islands.

Sights to see on The Aran Islands

Things to do on The Aran Islands

There are plenty of things to do on Inishmore, depending on your arrival time visitors have anywhere from 4-7hrs to cycle and explore the islands famous forts, cliffs, shops and beaches before the ferry departs on its return journey. Some visitors prefer to explore all of what Inishmore has to offer and stay overnight soak up the culture, and enjoy the islands rich nightlife and restaurants.