Family Travel

The Aran Islands is an ideal choice to bring the family, either for 1 day or a longer holiday.

Various family discounted rates are available for most things involved in a family holiday including, Ferry Tickets, Bike Hire, Accommodation on the Aran Islands, as well as tours and activities.

Accommodation is always the least expensive when you stay in a Hostel, or even camping. All three Islands have camping facilities. In terms of dining, all the cafes and restaurants have special deals and there is a local Spa (local food store) which is ideal for sandwiches and raw foods which can be cooked on your own. All the various options are there for whatever budget you have.

In terms of facilities for families, if you have young children there is the children s playground. It’s a very modern playground created by the local community for their own children and tourists are welcome to use this at no cost. Children also love to cycle and there are small bikes for kids available. Buggies are also available which attach attach to the back of an adults bike. Children also love to travel on a Pony and Trap and this option is available on the Islands.