The Plassey has become very much a signature attraction of Inis Oirr and adds a wonderfully rustic view to the viewer and is a spectacular sight. It is one of those attractions you always see photo’s of! The Plassy is a rusty red shipwreck. The Plassey is on the south Eastern border tip of the island and is a rusty shipwreck beached in the 1960’s. It forms a particularly spectacular sight and is one of them most photographed attractions on the island.

The Plassy shipwreck on Inisheer

Plassey Location

The Plassey is located on the most easterly point of the island. This was formerly a cargo ship which ran onto some rocks near Inis Oirr in 1960. No lives were lost in the accident, mainly due to the bravery of the local islanders who risked their own lives in rough seas to come to the aid of the sailors on board the ship. The ship was later moved up onto the rocks by heavy seas and this is where it now rests, much to the bewilderment and surprise of many visitors to the island.

The Plassy Shipwreck