Things to Do in Inishmore: Your Ultimate Day Trip Guide

Imagine waking up to the rhythmic crash of waves against a rugged coastline. Picture quaint, colorful cottages nestled amongst lush green fields. Close your eyes and feel the invigorating spray of the Atlantic Ocean on your face. 

This isn’t a dream; it’s a day trip to Inishmore, the largest and most captivating of Ireland’s Aran Islands!

Inishmore isn’t just about breathtaking scenery; it’s a place steeped in history and folklore. You’ll explore ancient forts that whisper tales of Celtic warriors and explore hidden coves where legends say mischievous fairies dwell.  This is a place where time seems to slow down, and where the modern world fades away, leaving you with a sense of wonder and a connection to something much older, wilder, and more magical.

So buckle up for an adventure unlike any other. This day trip guide filled with great things to do in Inishmore will leave you breathless and enchanted making this quick escape absolutely worthwhile. 

Inishmore In A Day: Extraordinary Adventure in Ireland’s Emerald Isle

One day on Inishmore Island? Challenge accepted!

Forget packing your bags for weeks, because Inishmore, can be conquered in a single, unforgettable day.

This ultimate guide is your cheat sheet for a mystical and action-packed adventure. So, are you ready to answer the call of the Inis Mor island? Let’s dive in!

10:30 – Set Sail for Inishmore!

The adventure sets sail from the charming port of Rossaveel. 

As the ferry cuts through the turquoise waters, feel the spray tickle your face and the salty breeze whip through your hair. Watch the rugged Connemara coastline slowly fade into the distance, replaced by the ever-growing silhouette of Inishmore. 

 As you draw closer, the salty spray dances on your face, carrying the fresh scent of the Atlantic and the promise of an unforgettable day. This, my friend, is island life – raw, untamed, and ready to steal your heart.

11:15 – Grab Your Geared Steed (Bike, That Is!)

Disembarking from the ferry feels like stepping into a postcard. Just off the pier, you’ll find Aran Bike Hire – your trusty steed for the day awaits! 

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual cruiser, a pre-booked bike ensures you don’t waste a single moment exploring. Grab your Inis Mor map because this place is yours to conquer, at your own pace. 

If you’re feeling a little less ambitious (or the wind’s particularly fierce), consider opting for an e-bike. Don’t be shy, those electric motors are a lifesaver on those inclines, and they’ll leave you with plenty of energy to explore every nook and cranny of this magical island. 

So, throw on your helmet, adjust your seat, and get ready to feel the wind in your hair as you discover the hidden gems of Inishmore!

11:30 – Fuel Up for Fun!

Now, before you zoom off on your bike adventure, hold on a sec! No pirate ever set sail on an empty stomach, and neither should you!

Luckily, the next stop is the SPAR supermarket in Kilronan, the main village in Inishmore. Think of it as your personal treasure trove of picnic perfection. 

Here, you can grab all sorts of yummy goodies to fuel your island adventure. Imagine the freshest veggies ever, still sparkly from the morning dew, crusty bread perfect for making the most amazing sandwiches, and a sneaky little pastry (like a yummy croissant) to keep you going for that afternoon sugar rush. You deserve it after conquering those hills!

With a tummy-oh-so-full, a backpack filled with delicious supplies, and a happy heart,  you’re ready to conquer anything Inishmore throws your way!

11:45 – Pedal Power to the Wormhole!

Exploring Wormhole is one of  the things to do in Inishmore

Alright, tummy rumbling satisfied, it’s time to hit the open road!

Inishmore is all about soaking up the scenery, so pedal at your own pace and keep your eyes peeled for your first epic stop: the Wormhole. Don’t worry, you won’t find any creepy crawlies here, just pure awesomeness.

This isn’t some boring, square hole you might find in your backyard. Nope, the Wormhole is a super cool natural pool carved right out of the cliffs by the mighty Atlantic Ocean waves crashing against the rocks. It’s like a super cool swimming pool made by Mother Nature herself, and you can walk right up to the edge and take a peek (be careful, the ground can be a little uneven).  

Just remember, this is for admiring, not swimming – the currents here can be tricky, so keep your exploring feet on dry land.  This spot is also perfect for snapping some epic photos that will make all your friends back home jealous.  So get your camera ready and take those shots of the wild beauty of Inishmore!

12:50 – Onwards to Dun Aonghasa

Okay, after soaking up the awesomeness of the Wormhole, let’s get those legs pumping again because our next stop is a real showstopper!  

We’re heading to Dun Aonghasa, which sounds like a magical spell but is actually an awesome prehistoric fort. 

Now, picture this on your mind: a super old fort, built way back in prehistoric times, perched right on top of cliffs that tower a whopping 100 meters above the wild Atlantic Ocean.  That’s right, 100 meters! 

13:20 – Conquering Dun Aonghasa

To get to the top of Dun Aonghasa, you’ll need to do a little hike. Don’t worry, it’s not a mountain climb, more like a walk up a big grassy hill.  This hike is totally manageable, and the views from the top are totally worth the effort. 

Think endless blue ocean stretching out as far as your eyes can see, with the wild Atlantic waves crashing against the cliffs below.  Pretty epic, right?

13:45 – Picnic With A View

Once you reach the summit, find a comfy spot (maybe some nice, flat rocks), and guess what time it is?  

Picnic time!  

Pull out all those delicious goodies you snagged from SPAR and enjoy your lunch with a side of jaw-dropping scenery.  Seriously, you won’t find a more spectacular picnic spot anywhere else in the world – picture-perfect views, fresh air, and yummy food.  Fill your lungs with crisp air and feel your stress melt away.

One final reminder though, remember to keep a safe distance from the edge – those cliffs are super high, so take your pictures and enjoy the view but stay safe! 

14:30 – Beach Bliss at Kilmurvey

a lady riding a bike as she visits Inis Mor

Feeling recharged after that mind-blowing picnic view at Dun Aonghasa?  It’s time to cool off even more! 

Time to hop back on your bike and get those legs moving again!  We’re heading to a place called Kilmurvey Beach. 

If you’re expecting an average beach, then you’re wrong.  This one’s a Blue Flag beauty, which means it’s super clean and perfect for a little fun in the sun.  Experience sparkling white sand that feels soft between your toes, crystal-clear water that looks like it came straight out of a magazine, and waves crashing on the shore just begging you to jump in.

This place is perfect if you want to feel refreshed after all that exploring so go ahead and take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Just a heads up, the water might be a little on the chilly side, so be prepared for a brrrr-illiant surprise. 

Not a fan of chilly water?  No worries! This beach is also great for building sandcastle masterpieces. Or, you can just chill out and soak up the sun, letting the sound of the waves lull you into a relaxed state.

But be careful, the sun can be sneaky, so pack some sunscreen to keep your skin safe.

15:30 – Spot Some Adorable Aquatic Neighbors

This is the time to dry off your toes from that beach fun and head on to the next stop where you’re going to get a serious dose of cuteness overload! 

Inishmore Seal Colony is home to a bunch of playful seal pups and their grown-up buddies, but these aren’t just any seals – they’re Grey Seals, one of the rarest seal species in the world! 

This is a place where you can marvel and see dozens of these adorable creatures basking on the rocks, barking at each other (it almost sounds like they’re having a conversation!), and just being their super cute selves.  The grown-up seals, also called bulls and cows, can be enormous – the bulls can weigh up to as much as a car!  

You might see the pups too, with their fluffy white fur, learning to swim from their moms.  These little guys are full of energy, and watching them play is guaranteed to make you smile.

Another fun fact:  These Grey Seals are super swimmers!  They can dive down as deep as 200 feet in search of fish, that’s like diving down the length of 20 school buses!  And hold your breath – they can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes, way longer than any human could ever hold their breath.  These are amazing creatures, and in Inishmore, they get to live free and happily in their natural habitat. 

This is your chance to grab your camera and capture some heartwarming moments but zooming in with your eyes is best – these are wild animals, so we want to keep a respectful distance so they don’t get scared. 

16:00 – Souvenir Shopping in Kilronan Village

Okay, after squealing with delight over those adorable seals, it’s time to hop back on your bike for a quick ride returning to Kilronan village, the main hub of Inishmore.  

The ride is a breeze, with the wind whipping through your hair and the salty air filling your lungs. You can see more stunning scenery along the way so keep your eyes open – you never know what hidden gem you might discover!

As you roll into Kilronan, you’ll instantly feel the charm of this little island village.  Colorful houses line the streets, friendly locals wave hello, and the air is buzzing with a relaxed vibe. This, my friends, is the perfect palace to find a unique souvenir to remember your magical day. 

You might find yourself browsing racks of hand-knitted Aran sweaters, so warm and cozy you’ll practically feel a hug.  Or maybe some sparkling, locally crafted jewelry will catch your eye, the perfect way to add a touch of island magic to any outfit.  Keep an eye out for quirky crafts made by local artisans, or maybe even a delicious treat like some freshly baked Irish soda bread (perfect for dunking in your tea later, yum).

The possibilities are endless! 

So take your time, explore the shops, and find the perfect memento that will transport you back to this incredible day whenever you see it.  

16:30 – Time to Say Slán (Goodbye)!

With a heart full of happy memories and a camera roll overflowing with great photos, it’s time to wrap up this whirlwind adventure. 

First things first, head back to Aran Bike Hire and return your trusty steed. It served you well on this unforgettable adventure. 

With your bike all checked in, it’s a short walk to the ferry port.  Take a deep breath of that fresh sea air and savor the moment – you conquered Inishmore in a single day! 

As you board the ferry back to Rossaveel, keep your eyes on the horizon.  You never know, you might just spot a pod of playful dolphins jumping alongside the boat, waving you goodbye with their shiny bodies.  That’s the perfect farewell from this enchanting island – a little reminder of the magic you just experienced.  

So lean back, relax, and enjoy the scenic ferry ride back to the mainland. You’ll be back home soon, but the memories you made on Inishmore will stay with you forever!

Your Inishmore Adventure Awaits!

So there you have it – a jam-packed day exploring the rugged beauty and history of Inishmore! This one-day itinerary is just a taste of the magic Inishmore holds. With its rich history, breathtaking scenery, and friendly locals, this island paradise will leave you yearning to return for more exploration.   

Inishmore may be small, but it packs scenic natural beauty, historical significance, and opportunities for an adventure into a single charming island. Come with an open and curious mind, and you’re sure to discover a piece of this special place to call your own.

Feeling the Inishmore FOMO? Don’t wait! Book your trip today and experience the magic of Ireland’s Emerald Isle for yourself!