The Wormhole on Inishmore

The Wormhole 

The Wormhole is a rectangular shaped blow hole that was naturally carved by mother nature. It’s dimensions are approximately 25m long, 10m wide and between 10-20m deep. The Wormhole or “Poll na bPeist” in Gaelic is a spectacular natural feature, and one of the main attractions on Inishmore. 

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was held at the Wormhole on Inishmore in 2014 & 2017. The event attracted hundreds of people to Inishmore to watch the best divers from around the world dive from a height of 27m. 


The Wormhole is located on Inishmore, near the village of Gort na gCapall. The easiest way to access the Wormhole is by following the signs through Gort na gCapall. The Wormhole is approximately a 15-20min walk over uneven ground to the East or towards Dun Aonghasa along the coast. 

Best time to visit The Wormhole

The best time to visit is during the Summer and Winter. During the Summer months there’s some beautiful views of the ocean, the cliffs and Dun Aonghasa. However, Winter time is a great time to see the shear power mother nature and watch the massive waves come crashing in over the cliffs. Please be careful and watch mother nature at work from a safe distance.

Nearby Attractions

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Can you swim in the Wormhole?

No, Please do NOT swim in the Wormhole. The water off the coast of the Aran Islands are extremely turbulent and dangerous due to strong currents and unpredictable weather patterns. The Wormhole is know for its strong underwater currents. 

How deep is the Wormhole on Inishmore?

The depth of the Wormhole on Inis Mór is between 10-20 meters (32.8-65.6 ft).