Puffing Holes

An extraordinary feature of Inishmore is the puffing holes or blow holes. Not like the blow holes that are used for the Cliff Diving but there are other blow holes in various parts of the island such as down in the very south eastern part such as near Glassan rocks which is one of the locals favourite fishing spots. These blow holes are spectacular and water can be seen spraying up through them on stormy days. There are three blow holes in total, all are within 100m of each other.

Location of the Puffing Holes on Inishmore

The Puffing Holes are located on the Southeast corner of Inishmore.

Puffing hole on Inishmore
inside a puffing hole on Inishmore
Puffing holes location on Inishmore
aerial view of puffing hole on Inishmore
Aerial view of puffing hole looking west on Inishmore
large puffing hole on Inishmore
two puffing holes on Inishmore
Puffing hole on Inishmore with Inishmaan in the background
aerial view of puffing hole on Inishmore