Teampall Bheanain or St. Benan’s Church is reputedly the smallest church in Ireland. The church itself measures roughly 15ft by 11ft. It stands atop a hill overlooking Killeaney Bay and is a landmark on the island for fishermen at sea. In contrast with churches elsewhere in Ireland it has a north south orientation as opposed to the more common East-West orientation. It dates from about the 7th century. The views from it are outstanding. Nearby are the remains of a cashel wall and a clochán (stone cell).

Just below Teampall Bheanin are the remains of a round tower and a celtic cross that was part of the large monastic village established by St. Enda in the 6th Century.


Teampall Bheanain is located on the top of a hill in the village of Killeaney.

Best time to visit Teampall Bheanain

There are some fantastic views from Teampall Bheanain as it overlooks Killeaney bay, the airport and Kilronan. It is a beautiful location for a picnic and a great place to watch the sunrise over Galway Bay. The best time to visit is early in the morning for sunrise or in the early afternoon.

Nearby Attractions

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sign to Teampall Bheanain
Teampall Bheanain at sunrise
aerial shot of teampall Bheanain
Teampall Bheanain overlooking Killeaney Bay