Leachtaí Cuimhneacháin (Stone Memorials for Dead)

These large cenotaphs( Leachtaí Cuimhneacháin) are to be found throughout Inis Mór and are a definite curiousity for the visitor. Most are situated along the roadside between Cill Éinne and Eoghanacht and date from the 19th century c. 1811-1886. The oldest three however dating from the early 1700s are found inland at Cill Éinne. The cenotaphs are erected as memorials to certain families among them; the Fitzpatricks, Mc Donaghs, Dirranes, Wiggans, Mullens, Gills, O Donnells, Naughtons, Conneelys, Hernons, and Folens. The inscriptions on them are written in English. Local Lore has it quite erroneously that they are the graves of people who were buried standing upright! Leacht na nIascaire( The Memorial to the Fishermen)
This overlooks Cill Éinne bay and is situated on the northern-shore side of the road at the village of Cill Éinne. It is a modern cenotaph built by the islanders in 1997 and dedicated to all who have drowned at sea. There are extensive names on it dating from the early 19th century. Each year on August 15th there is a memorial service at it for those who lost their lives at sea.