If you’re looking for a unique fishing vacation, go no further than Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran Islands. This little island off the coast of Ireland is teeming with fish and offers some of Europe’s best fishing. In our guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know before going fishing on Inis Mor. We’ve got you covered on everything from what gear to bring to where to find the best spots on the island!

What kind of fish can you catch on Inishmore

Pollock and Mackerel are the most common fish to catch with a rod and reel. However, Cod and Ling can be caught too but a lot less common. Rockfish are also caught but generally with bait and at the base of the cliffs.

Where to buy Fishing tackle

The SPAR supermarket in Kilronan sells fishing rods, weights and tackle. Typically the feather rigs work best for Pollock and shiny rigs work best for mackerel. However, Mackerel and Pollock are often caught on the same fishing tackle.

Fishing Locations on Inishmore

Two of the best locations for fishing off the cliffs of Inishmore are the Glassan Rocks and the Grior. Both locations are on opposite ends of the island, but the fishing here is spectacular.

The Glassan Rocks are located in Iaraine, on the South-East of Inishmore. Accessing the Glassan Rocks can be a little tricky as it involves 20-25min hike and then climbing down the cliff face. The Glassan Rocks are adjacent to the puffing holes and are a great place for a picnic as you can look over at the waves breaking on the cliffs on Inishmaan.

The Grior is located in Bungabhla, the westernmost village on Inishmore. It also involves a short hike but is much easier to access than the Glassan Rocks. While walking to the Grior you’ll pass by where they filmed the currach scene from the Man of Aran film. The Grior is also a beautiful spot for a picnic, as you are looking at the cliffs one one side and Eeragh lighthouse on the other.