Tig Congaile B&B and Restaurant

It’s easy to indulge in simple pleasures at Tig Congaile, pleasures as simple as crisp, clean sheets, and open skies, and time. Relax your shoulders and open up your senses! Take a deep breath! You can hear small birds chattering, and that distant roar is the swell and fall of the ocean. Enjoy the view through the window of the magnificent Cliffs of Moher, or get out and stroll about a verdant island, criss-crossed with stone walls and dotted with wild flowers. Leave the only trail of footprints on a clean beach, and then have the craic while you sip on a pint in a Gaeltacht pub. Do some yoga or sleep in.

The restaurant

You might be surprised by what you can get at the Tig Congaile Restaurant. Many people are. There is a flair to our cooking. Maybe it’s the result of our head chef’s Guatemalan roots or maybe it’s simply due to her insistent passion for food and roving curiosity. Dishes are prepared with a twist, and whether you call it fusion or progressive cuisine, the end result is tasty food. Georgina Campbell’s and Bridgestone Guides have both given us the nod for exactly that, along with a good number of our diners.

Innovative cooking isn’t all of it. Our ingredients are locally sourced, as far as we can manage while still bringing you the tastiest plate possible. Greens are grown with adherence to organic farming standards in our garden and greenhouse. Seafood, which we like to think of as our speciality, arrives in the kitchen fresh from the sea around the island. We know it is because we catch it ourselves most of the time.

And talking of the sea, that’s what you’ll be gazing out over from your table. The view is of the neighbouring island, Inis Oírr, and out towards the Cliffs of Moher, over the body of water that separates us. Out to the other side you’ll see the patchwork of fields that makes our own little island so charming. A lovely, warm fire keeps you cosy, while you share some time and a glass of French wine with your friends or your loved ones, or even while you enjoy some quiet time with yourself.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although we do accept walk-ins for dinner, we encourage you to book before 4pm to ensure you’ll get a table.