Fáilte go hÁrainn
Official Guide to the Aran Islands

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My Aran Life in Me

Written by Conor Meehan,

This book has given Rònàn an important vehicle to express his own unique life experiences. It allowed Rònàn in his own particular way to help others to take their place in the world. The book has given an irreplaceable insight to the life of someone who lives with disabilities on a daily basis and one of the many outcomes for many readers has simply been ; Gratitude.

Guidebook; Legends in the Landscape

Written by Dara Molloy,

Myths, legends, folklore and history associated with Árainn – Inis Mór, Aran Islands.

It tells you the stories and the background to each of the historical sites. Complete with beautiful pen-sketches, detailed maps, bibliography and an index, can act as:

  • your preparatory reading before your visit
  • your guide while you are there
  • your treasured memory when you return home.

The Globalisation of God

Written by Dara Molloy,

This book traces the roots of this globalisation process to a belief in one god who rules the universe. The hegemonious god of Moses is a god shared by three major world religions and many other lesser ones. Together they constitute more than half the world’s population. The god of Moses dismisses all other gods and goddesses and establishes one way, and one way only, of seeing the world.

A Well Spent Smile

Written by Robert Hilton,

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