The Unique Flora & Fauna of the Aran Islands

The Aran Islands boast some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in all of Ireland. With wildflower meadows, rugged cliffs, and gorgeous coastal walkways, the islands are a haven for nature lovers.

The Aran Islands enjoy an incredibly diverse range of plants and animals. From spring through summer the islands offer a variety of unique flowers and plants to explore. There are three species of orchid which call the Aran Islands home including Early Purple Orchid which is native to Ireland. Additionally you’ll find numerous other flora such as Sea-holly, Meadowsweet, Ragwort, Cat’s ear Lily among others growing on these lush islands.

When it comes to fauna there’s a wealth of wildlife living on the Aran Islands as well! Seabirds abound in numbers too – including skylarks, Oystercatchers and Northern Gannets – while otters can be spotted at sea searching for their prey along with dolphins who occasionally show up near shorelines. You may even spot feral goats roaming around the cliffs on Inishmore. 

In short: yes I do recommend exploring the amazing flora & fauna that can be found on The Aran Islands if you ever have an opportunity do so; its biodiversity is unparalleled elsewhere in Ireland!