Old Light House

The lighthouse is one of the key landmarks of The Aran Islands. It is visable from most parts of the island and is beside Dun Eochla, a major prehistoric monument of the island. Most people who visit the lighthouse also Visit this Monument. Apart from it’s well preserved Celtic features, it is beautifully located providing panoramic views of the Island and Connemara. From here, on a clear day 5 counties can be seen, Kerry, Limerick , Clare, Galway and Mayo.

To the west is the old signal tower; built in 1799 after the 1789 rebellion to protect Ireland’s west coast from Spanish or French invasion. Similar buildings can be seen on Golam Island and Inis Oirr. Signals were sent by light and semaphores – flags.

It is the island’s first lighthouse which began its short working life on a May Day 1818. Unfortunately the lighthouse was ill positioned and was blind to ships in the Gregory Sound and when rounding Earrach Island to the west. It was decommissioned when new lighthouses were constructed in Killeaney Bay and on Earrach Island to the west, though it was manned during both world wars.