“The truth is what you feel” – The Aran Islands

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When you come to this wonderful island, one of the challenges that is worth facing and overcoming is; to give yourself permission to feel your feelings, tune into your senses – to dispense your mainland head, which is all shorthand for leaving aside your business thoughts, relationship worries, materialism and so much more so you can just, live, breath and feel – the right things will happen.


There is an old truism “The truth is what you feel”. Today as I walked up past Túr Mháirtín and by Gleann Na Ndeor and then sat looking down at the Glasson Rocks – I was only working on a sensory + primal level. The elements had me. The swell of the sea, waves crashing against the cliffs was almost hypnotic and my breathing seemed to slow down, as did my mind and my thought process was truly on vacation.

I can’t imagine sitting for nearly two hours in any other place in the world and feeling as centered as I was. I was aware of every beautiful feature, sound, and smell. To be honest, without stretching it – I felt part of it all in a very simple and natural sense.

My face was warm and my skin felt tender from the sun and knowing that I was meeting two of my sons for a swim only increased my already acute sense of gratitude for living in this unique place of beauty, dreams and realities.

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  1. We miss Aran so very much. We love it dearly. Your blogs are the nearest things to being there and we relive every moment with you. Thanks for coming to Aran an sharing your love for our island with us. Mike & Mary

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