The Man of the Sea.


While I was sitting having my breakfast today I heard on the radio that there were to be a number of ceremonies, masses etc for the Irish people who participated in all the wars around the world. Closer to home there is to be a mass at 12 noon on the pier in Kilronan for the fisherman of this Island.

 On occasions such as the fisherman’s mass, indeed anything that is a touchstone to the culture, traditions, heritage of this wonderful island the weight and presence of the generations past – their values, courage and understanding of their place in nature is palpable. A lot goes unsaid but at the same time it goes deep.

Physical courage is a characteristic that has been and has been hugely valued on this island, the basis of this is rooted in courage of the previous generations who literally risked their lives on a weekly basis at sea. There is a word in irish called – misneach – which literally means courage but I think it merits at least a paragraph at a later stage because that word represents and embodies the previous generation of this islands ideals, values and aspirations.

In the unspoken and unwritten hierarchy the fisherman of this island I have the total respect and admiration of each and every island person.

I have photographed the unique beauty that is Inis Mor and that without question can only leave you in awe. But the richness of the culture, heritage and traditions of this island are more difficult to convey in photographs or the written word, but if ever any place encapsulated, represented and valued true irishness that place is Inis Mor and it’s fabulous people – the custodians.

I will write and photograph the personal experiences that have enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams and share them with you.

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