Fáilte go hÁrainn
Official Guide to the Aran Islands

Missionaries are Back – The Aran Islands

IMG 20140905 224408On the cliff tops, there we are, on the ancient fort of Dún Aonghasa, one of the most ancient ruins of Ireland. 21 young men from the French Foreign Missions of Paris looking at the sun set in the horizon. 21 hearts burning with the same fire that burnt the monks of Aran. 21 seminarians called to seek God and proclaim His Love to the ends of the world.


Aran Island Journey

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The Aran Islands, they sound exotic, perched off the coast of Ireland, next stop Newfoundland.

All I knew of them was the old black and white film, Man of Aran by Robert Flaherty.

A dramatic soundtrack accompanying grainy images of rock strewn land, high cliffs and storm lashed coasts. Emphasising how hard a life it was for the few inhabitants of this wild unforgiving landscape.


“The truth is what you feel” – The Aran Islands

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When you come to this wonderful island, one of the challenges that is worth facing and overcoming is; to give yourself permission to feel your feelings, tune into your senses – to dispense your mainland head, which is all shorthand for leaving aside your business thoughts, relationship worries, materialism and so much more so you can just, live, breath and feel – the right things will happen.


The Aran Islands – “That Island Energy”; by Paddy Aran)

ea1151616328The Aran Islands are located just 20km off County Galway in the West of Ireland. Inis Mor which has a population of 800 left me thinking I not only had an island escape from the kaos and distractions from day to day living on the mainland, that I had been somewhere very beautiful, very unique, and very Aran.