Rock Climbing – The Aran Islands, Co. Galway, West of Ireland

Heres a couple of Pictures from Kev’s recent trip to the Aran Islands – here pictured climbing a new variation to the Roof, E4 6a. This is a bit of a novelty route… the original line climbs a 6m crack that splits the centre of this diving board roof 70m above the Atlantic ocean. The line is protected by pre-placed slings draped down the crack from above and has a wild finishing sequence at the lip. It’s basically an 8m sports route that you do for the pictures! Here Kev pioneers a lip traverse variation using the same style of protection… Fun, fun, fun! For any climbers out there in Internet land, the Aran Islands had over 9 miles of cliff coastline and only less than 100 recorded lines… I put up about 30 or so a few years back during a productive summers new routing… but there be some mega lines there ripe for the taking!! Now that I can climb I cant wait to go back!
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