Paradoxically our hearts are delicate yet robust

This morning as I finally decided that Xmas was over and that a form of routine was reluctantly the way that I could get in touch with the islands natural rhythm and introduce a bit of balance back to hopefully pre – xmas levels.

I’ve noticed over the years that I excitedly look forward to breaking free of routine and always, without fail, by early January I run back to the familiarity + safety of my routine.

Before I set off up the hill, I noticed that I engaged in my usual mind game with myself, whether it’s winter sea swimming or exercising.

Everyday when I am going for a swim, I come up with the most plausible and valid reasons why it makes no sense whatsoever to get into the sea….. Knowing full well that I am going to …….

I’ve never backed out yet.

Also, I have never once gotten out of the sea or completed my exercise and said “I wish I hadn’t have done that”.

I took off up the hills, fueled by the effects of overindulgence and with my mind full of ideas, goals, and possibilities for the year ahead.

In addition to that, there is a natural re-calibration that comes from living on this island – it’s a potent and effective mixture of living with nature, the elements and a warm, vibrant, close community. It’s impossible not to be impacted.

As I hit the first hill, in sequence; my legs tightened, my lungs opened, I breathed deeply, and boom!!….. my mind and heart opened.

Paradoxically our hearts are delicate yet robust and serendipitously this island is gently rugged intimately remote, wild yet very very beautiful.

I find it right at this moment the thought of looking ahead at my life to be futile as I am so conscious and naturally immersed in my gratitude + awareness for living on this stunning rock in the Atlantic ocean.

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