Fáilte go hÁrainn
Official Guide to the Aran Islands


The name above has nothing to do with the Aran Islands perse. In Italian it means little oranges. I remember …


Missionaries are Back – The Aran Islands

IMG 20140905 224408On the cliff tops, there we are, on the ancient fort of Dún Aonghasa, one of the most ancient ruins of Ireland. 21 young men from the French Foreign Missions of Paris looking at the sun set in the horizon. 21 hearts burning with the same fire that burnt the monks of Aran. 21 seminarians called to seek God and proclaim His Love to the ends of the world.



lovers on aran

I was initially inspired to write this heading when i saw that there was to be a singles weekend in the Island’s Hotel, and it got me thinking.

I thought, imagined and, indeed, even reminisced about how the romance and magic of this Island can wrap a couple up in a loving embrace, while they go on to share and experience the very best that Mother Nature has to offer. 


A Day on Inis Meaín – From Dawn to Departure

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I awake before dawn to almost complete silence. I strain my ears and barely hear the muted lowing of a cow and the muffled lapping of waves. I am enveloped in peaceful solitude. I am on Inis Meáin. I sit by the window and wait for day’s first blush to appear and lose myself in dawn as it comes creeping up over the eastern horizon. As I watch the sky, a faint rustling below me precedes the sudden appearance of a wren and a pair of robins who propel themselves from the thicket to alight on the stone wall in a flurry of tik­-tik-­tiks and melodic trills. I am a recent visitor to this island, only coming for the first time a fortnight ago. I was so enchanted that I have returned to see more of, and to spend more time on, this least­ visited of the Aran Islands,  this place of unspoiled beauty, of limestone karst, and patchwork of green fields delineated and defined by dry stone walls.