Fáilte go hÁrainn
Official Guide to the Aran Islands

Brendan & Aisling – Part 3 (Final)

She knew the poem well, realizing that his beautiful orison was nothing less than a marriage proposal. As he finished the piece, she said “Yes!” And then they laughed, and cried tears of joy. They also quietly prayed together, that their love might survive and flourish – a beacon to other wanderers, adrift in the gathering darkness of the outside world. On May 1st (Beltaine), the first day of summer, they were wedded. It was a clear and lovely day, and all the patchwork of fields were emerald green. The blue skies above the meadows were adorned with fluffy white cumulous clouds, raising their heads above the nearby mountains as they passed slowly by. It reminded them of the importance of the month, the White May, and their revered protectress, Muire. And their joy – as much as any that could be had during one’s earthly pilgrimage – was complete.

For the larks ascending, with their incessant chippering above, had proclaimed it to be so.

And so, it was. – The End (Or New Beginning)

“An Aisling” (The Dream-Vision) – (Private Essay/Reflection) “Emer’s Dream” (By Colm Mac Con Iomaire) – 

 “Songs of Summer” (By Brendan Kennelly) – https://peregrinatioprodeiamore.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/songs-of-summer-begins-may-1st/ See also “Maytime The Fairest Season” (9th/10th Century, Author Unknown) – https://peregrinatioprodeiamore.wordpress.com/maytime-the-fairest-season/ “Lark Ascending” (By Raulph Von Williams) –