lovers on aran

I was initially inspired to write this heading when i saw that there was to be a singles weekend in the Island’s Hotel, and it got me thinking.

I thought, imagined and, indeed, even reminisced about how the romance and magic of this Island can wrap a couple up in a loving embrace, while they go on to share and experience the very best that Mother Nature has to offer. 
This stunning Island truly is a jewel in the heart of Galway Bay.
I was also touched and positively impacted by a couple who recently got engaged up at Dun Aonghusa. Proposing on the cliff edge – Wow !!
A couple can chose to come to the most beautiful place in Western Europe and experience ; the sun sets, the sunrises, leave footprints in the sand, feel the wind, watch the waves, swim in the ocean, find themselves, lose themselves — all as a warm and natural extension of their love on this Island Paradise, which at times looks like it has been divinely created to be a backdrop and destination for Love stories to be lived and enjoyed.
While being in a loving relationship is in some ways our natural state and when it’s functioning and fulfilling its genuinely hard to beat – people of my generation will remember from our up bringing and from the teachings of the church in particular ; when we were explicitly told that there were two sacred messages —
1) You Love God
2) You Love your neighbour as yourself.
In principle, both excellent aspirations.
The major flaw for my generation was that it presupposed that people did, in fact, love themselves and not only that, but there was a very clear message put out there, that there was something shameful and negative about loving yourself and feeling good about yourself. 
The guilt trip was more than implied.
Self Love and Self Acceptance is the key ingredient to people being at peace with themselves. It possibly should be an absolute requirement before one can consider entering into a loving, mature and happy relationship with another human being.
Love yourself first !
You can explore the universe for somebody who is more deserving of your love and affection than yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere.
Assuming that my generation and those that followed have successfully and happily addressed this assumption of self acceptance,  and found themselves in the enchanting, seductive and desirable place whereby they can open their hearts and lives to another and then as if they weren’t already overpaid, by that alone – the opportunity is there to bring that Love to this Island Haven.
That love is not hidden under the rocks out here, but if you can bring the bare bones of it here and let Mother Nature take you both in her palm as together you explore and experience this Island – where every footstep can be an act of love.
The Island awaits those with an open heart, and she can bring you on an Island experience that will certainly add greatly to your quality of life and I believe, enrich the love you may have. 
We cannot tailor make the situations of our lives but we can tailor make our attitudes to fit these situations.
I was walking up at the back of the Island one winter’s day and i remember vividly, there were huge waves crashing against the cliffs and even though we were walking some distance back from the edge, the sea spray showered us thoroughly. I was walking with my dear and valued friend, Pat. For most of this walk we hardly spoke, which as anyone with an understanding of good and true friendship will know – is not a problem.
After 20 minutes or so of silence between us and with only the roar of the sea and the screech of the seabirds, Pat looked out to sea and said ;
” two things in life can trip you up – assumptions and presumptions “.
I thought about his words and my random and somewhat jumbled thoughts, expressed above, are how it related to my own life. I also thought and pondered about my true and deep friendships out here on this Island and how they have brought more pleasure, comfort and support than than i ever dreamed possible.
The language, customs, values and ways of this Island and the Islanders are more romantic than any of the many places i have visited around the world.
It’s pure.
More from my Beloved Island soon.


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