Ferragosto on Aran

At present we are inundated with Italian and French visitors coming to enjoy the peace, calm, and cool weather we have been having this summer as opposed to the inferno, heat and humidity that they have been experiencing on the continent.

I am reminded of an anecdote that a middle eastern guest told us. In the year there are posters with the slogan “come to Ireland where it is wet and green” which oddly enough seems to appeal to one if you live in climates of excessive heat and humidity.

The Aran Islands for Italians I guess holds the same fascination, a land of mist and mystery, and a sense of history, celebrating the joys of a slow way of life. A place where they can see the ongoing connection that we have with the land, protecting and preserving it for another generation who’s future seems bright and who we hope will respect their past and heritage for another generation.

To share with the many who will come to the spiritual home of Máirtín Ó Direáin, J.M Synge, Darach Ó Chonghaile, paying homage , making Ferragosto a truly Italian / Hibernian celebration with fresh fruits of the sea and a perfectly chilled Italian White wine savoring the beauty of Aran on Ferragosto.


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  1. Dear Michelle,
    You’ve written a lovely post and I have enjoyed reading it very much! Please…..”whose” as opposed to “who’s” would be suitable here.

    May you continue to promote the stunningly beautiful Aran Islands.

    Kind regards,

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