I wrote last week that for most of my life, Aran has been another word for heaven to me. My goal in life was always to make it back here to the Aran Islands — if I’m honest, I always planned to come back but the details of my plans have not played out in accordance with my original ideas —

Once again, and if I’m even completely honest, the crooked road I walked to get back here was not the road of my plans and dreams YET, I feel happier and more contented than ever before, I am acutely aware at the beautiful synergy and serendipity in my sense of well being and geographical location being naturally and sympathetically aligned.

Another realization I became aware of from living back here ;

The stuff in my life that I pushed and pushed for rarely if ever brought the satisfaction I thought it would and in contrast, when I managed to get out of the way and allow life’s process take it’s natural flow – I was never dissatisfied or disappointed.

I didn’t move back here to learn lessons or get awareness but almost in spite of myself that’s what has happened.