Going down the hill I saw them coming… They just were taking the turn around the corner. A good big bunch of them all together. And they really were speeding! May be this happened because they just now lost their coats? Then, all of a sudden there was that moment of hesitance when more possibilities lay in front of them. And all choose their own pace in all directions.

While their coats are growing gradually on them again, nature is celebrating summer solstice.

In rest

By now the sun has reached its’ limit in heightens. When she is out she saturates the high sky with an intense deep blue inviting every living creature to reach for her.

saturated by an intense blueSaturated by an intense blue

winding roadWinding roads

And so she succeeds: the flowers in the verges of the wandering tiny roads are blooming in abundance, the purples, the yellows; the white nóinín mór (daisy), even the purple wild thyme coming through the tamarcan is given away her lovely fragrance too.

nóinín mórNóinín mór

eagerly reaching for the sunEagerly reaching for the sun

There is hardly any moment you do not see or hear the birds for the period of darkness is very short just now. The tiny swallow, the wren, the robin and of course the cuckoo, You see them everywhere, sometimes you see them trying very hard to keep the correct balance against a severe wind or after having chased one another ending up sitting cozily together on a wire. At this time though their singing is reduced; there are other tasks to fulfill just now. Actually singing seems to be exclusively kept for the cuckoo at this moment and she is so clever also to pick the perfect moment in which there is complete silence to make sure it’s charming call is heard.


Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

Source:: aranisland.info