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Dara Molloy Celtic Priest, Aran Islands, Ireland

Dara Molloy Celtic Priest, Aran Islands, Ireland Dara Molloy is a Celtic priest whom I met this summer when visiting the Aran Island of Inis Mor, off Galway and the West Coast of Ireland. Dara authored “Legends In The Landscape, A Pocket Guide to Inis Mór, Árainn,” which provides a wonderful introduction to the area’s history of rich Celtic spiritual traditions and a lore-filled road map to the significant cultural sites across the island.   Dara is not only a knowledgeable guide to Celtic mythology–he is actively engaged in bringing that ancient wisdom to life today through celebrating significant...

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Aran Islands’ Inis Mor: Wind, Rock, Roots & Resurrection

The Aran Island of Inis Mor is a special place. On Inis Mor, you can see the wind. You can see it in the ruddy faces of the men who work outside. You can see the wind in the rose-tinged stone of ancient ruins, imbued with the color of the “red tide” algae, borne inland from the sea by the stiff breeze.  You can see the wind imprinted on Inis Mor’s limestone landscape, with some rock surfaces scoured smooth, and others dappled with deep depressions.   Arriving on Inis Mor by ferry from Ros a’ Mhíl, a port 23...

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The Aran Islands

Guide to the three Aran Islands, Inis Mor Island, Inis Meain Island, Inis Oirr Island.
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