Author: Lynn Dougherty Quin

The Island’s Voice

Another Summer is on the wane.  Though wetter than usual this summer has been a very good one, for I have spent many happy days on each of the Aran Islands.   They have become my special place to roam, to bird-watch, and to daydream.  Each visit brings a new awareness of, and an appreciation for, these islands.  Living in the city I find myself blocking out the metropolitan cacophony of automobile engines, horns, booming car stereos, sirens,  and errant alarms. Conversely, on the Aran Islands I find my aural senses tuned in to every rustle or swish of...

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A Day on Inis Meaín – From Dawn to Departure

I awake before dawn to almost complete silence. I strain my ears and barely hear the muted lowing of a cow and the muffled lapping of waves. I am enveloped in peaceful solitude. I am on Inis Meáin. I sit by the window and wait for day’s first blush to appear and lose myself in dawn as it comes creeping up over the eastern horizon. As I watch the sky, a faint rustling below me precedes the sudden appearance of a wren and a pair of robins who propel themselves from the thicket to alight on the stone wall...

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The Aran Islands

Guide to the three Aran Islands, Inis Mor Island, Inis Meain Island, Inis Oirr Island.
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