After the move

I certainly do miss it. Farther away than a breath from centuries old fort my former cottage dwelling hardly was. A lovely and quiet spot and just below the top terrace which provides an all-round view over the island too. Dún Chonchúir When one comes, and visit Inis Meáin for a day trip or a short stay I can very well imagine the probable thinking of the island as being small and relatively easy to access. You just go where ever you like to go. Hardly any limit or border have to be taken into account. As soon as...

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Lá na ceapaire or the day of the sandwich, New Years’ Day

Even the thrush did not give his early morning concert. Walking under a deep blue sky with some stars still shining brightly from above and a sea with glittering foam caps beside me the strong wind was my only companion. Rough weather It seemed as if there were even more winds involved for whatever direction I went I met her strength coming towards me. And with her she brought a severe cold which went right through me. I realized the implacability of the force I had to deal with. A similar quality as what happened last night with a...

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A glance into island life

Time of daylight is almost rounded and the moon, soon be full, has taking over. End of the day Full Moon With a subtle touch, she soothes nature into a wholesome sleep leaving a trace of lavender coloured cover on the endless slabs of limestone. Lavender coloured The day has been a fair one from which anybody could profit. The farmers high up in their tractors were driving up and down the road getting the work done before night time. Light of Spring As I could almost hear a sigh of satisfaction going around after the last farmer came...

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Pure goodness

Almost day by day you can notice the difference; the stretch in the day is becoming longer. And with the prevailing of daylight above the dark winter the three months of winter are over. Early February It has not taken long though for this past winter has been rather mild temperature wise and throughout the season there was not much rainfall either. Still the evening during winter is long. Storm As soon as the lengthening of the day was only hardly noticeable, some weeks ago, a stretch was also felt in the vitality of the people themselves. It was...

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Early November

Embedded in a pale blue sky the few clouds are shaped like feathers of a seabird. Pointed southwards they are strongly driven by the wind coming from the north and blowing over Inis Meáin. It is cold this early morning but it is dry and that is the main thing. A fair day may lie ahead of us. Early And so it turns out. It is only some hours later that Trácht Each, the stony beach at the northern part of the west, is being milked by the sun. What a pleasure to follow her shadow moving in a...

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The Aran Islands

Guide to the three Aran Islands, Inis Mor Island, Inis Meain Island, Inis Oirr Island.
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