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Obair leanúnach – Ongoing Work

Ongoing work by an  Inis Mór farmer working with the AranLIFE Project: improving accessremoving encroaching scrubsupplying watergood grazing management resulting in the maintenance and enhancement of these wonderful species rich grasslands. Obair leanúnach dhá dhéanamh ag feirmeoir as Inis Mór atá ag obair le togra AranLIFE: ag feabhsú na bealaí isteach chuig garrantaífáil réidh le scrobarnachag cur soláthar uisce ar fáildea-bhainistíocht féarach mar thoradh air seo feictear cothú agus feabhas ag teacht ar na féara speiceas-shaibhir aoibhinn seo Powered by...

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Scrub Clearance – Before and After Glanadh Scrobarnaí – Roimh & Taréis

Another fantastic season of scrub clearing on Inis Mór, this bearna had not been used in 10 years because of hazel encroachment. Séasúr iontach eile glanadh scrobarnaí ar Inis Mór, níor úsáideadh an bearna seo le 10 mbliana de bharr scaipeadh scrobarnach choill. After two years of scrub cutting, this boreen has been kept clear. Farmers hard work and constant maintenance is vital for successful scrub clearance. Tar éis dhá bhliain ag gearradh siar scrobarnach, tá an róidín seo fós coinnithe glan. Tá obair chrua agus cothabháil leanúnach na bhfeirmeoirí riachtanach ionas go mbeidh glanadh scrobarnaí curtha i gcrích i...

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Fermanagh Farmers Visit AranLIFE

The AranLIFE project had a visit last week of farmers from another large limestone area of Ireland, South West Fermanagh. The Fermanagh limestone grasslands are part of the West Fermanagh Scarplands SAC and the Marlbank ASSI and are also a farmed area with a High Nature Value. After visiting the sunny islands, the group travelled to the less sunny Burren to look at the BurrenLife programme. This was a great opportunity to bring together farmers from the main limestone grassland areas of Ireland and discuss the different issues facing the areas, and to demonstrate how the AranLIFE and Burren...

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Anois Teacht an Earraigh: Spring is Coming

Despite all the storms raging on our Atlantic coasts, the latest season of scrub cutting work is well under way on the islands. Views of fields that were once covered in scrub are now green again, boreens choked up with briars are now clean allowing access to fields and broken rain catchers have been repaired which will provide much needed water to grazing livestock.   And Spring is coming…new born kids on Inis Mór and the odd cow giving birth to her calf, remind us that even with all the Source:: Aran...

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Cattle Performance on the Aran Islands – Feidhmíocht Beithigh ar na hOileáin Árann

The species-rich grasslands of the Aran Islands are the forage resource for the production of livestock on the islands. These two pictures of the same cow taken last week and in February 2014 show that such grasslands also supply the forage during the winter months.  Maximising livestock gains in the growing animals and managing the condition of beef cows through the year is a vital element in determining the profitability on the farm.  However to date agriculture research in most countries has Source:: Aran...

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