daybreak in August

Daybreak in August

One minute later

In a couple of minutes the coloured scene in front of me changed completely.

amazing atmosphereAmazing atmosphere

While it was growing from dark, darker into darkest,




I came to understand why you would not speak here on Inis Meáin about the colour glas as being green. No, liath (grayish-green) is actually the term you would give to the scenery of the island as a whole. A moment ago each single thing looked as being imbedded in a slightly different shade of loath. Not only, the from above, sometimes diamond shaped looking fields, but the surrounding walls, the sky, as well as the sea were coloured liath. At this moment though, the liath colour quickly fades away while the sea metamorphoses into dark blue. With thin patches of white here and there the sky is spotted whereas the undertone is an overall vague light blue.

Starting in particular from around the changing of the season of summer into the beginning of autumn there is sometimes and all of a sudden that very special, somewhat obfuscated, light when the day passes on. And only shortly before she sets the sun grants her already waning light upon everything in turns.

A touchA touch

Only lightly she touches the tiny fields wherein the grass is still growing for being harvested soon. So she does to the cattle also. Them she honours with a golden glance on their healthy looking furs.

blessed by the sunBlessed by the sun

Just beforeJust before

On a night like this we might be happily praised by watching the sky and experience Lugh, the smith, working on forging his iron. Sometimes though a chip out of it splinters and we can admire it as a star falling from out of the sky. Stt….and be assured your wish will come true.

Sound sleep

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin