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My name is Marcella Gemmell and I recently had my first novel published on Amazon Worldwide and Amazon Kindle. The book is called “Fate, Hope & Love” it is a modern day story of a girl called Jessica who lives in Galway City but is originally from the Aran Islands. My inspiration for this book comes initially from the fact that I am a hopeless romantic who believes in Fate, Hope and Love and also inspiration from living in the beautiful city of Galway and my long love affair, with the Aran Islands.

Sometimes in life you are given chances that for one reason or another might have an impact on the rest of your life. That’s exactly what happened to me. During school holidays (many years ago) my friend and I decided to look for a summer job in the Aran Islands. We traveled to Inis more the largest of the three Islands where we starting working in a guesthouse. This started my never ending love affair with a remote, historical and breathtakingly beautiful place on the edge of the West Coast of Ireland. To this day I visit as often as I can. Let me tell you a little of this magical place. The Aran Islands lie just off the West Coast of Ireland, in line with Galway , Mayo and Clare on the Map of Ireland.

You will see three Islands , Inis Oírr, Inis Meain and the largest Inis Mór sitting on most westerly out in the Atlantic Ocean. Aran’s also has a huge religious history and no matter what your belief, take time to study the story of the many old churches and burial grounds on the Islands which are steeped in history. The Islands are also famous for their geological formation, and their linguistic and cultural heritage which is really unlike anywhere else in the world. The Irish language is still spoken here and today all native born islanders speak both Irish and English. Traditional Irish music is often heard throughout the numerous bars on the islands and if you are lucky enough you might even catch a Celi (dancing to traditional music) in the local hall. Be sure to join in, (just follow the person in front of you!!!). What else can I tell you about my favourite place on earth, well there really are lots to see and do.

If you like to cycle you can hire bikes locally and see the Islands at your own pace. You can also hire a traditional trap (cart) and horse and take a slower pace to see things. If you like photography be sure and bring your camera , see the pristine aqua blue waters off the pure white sandy beaches as you travel along the Islands and enjoy the most beautiful scenic backdrop ever. When we talk about history of the Islands it is unbelievable to think that the first people populated the islands around 3,000BC. Stone-age or Megalithic monuments can still be found on the three islands to this day.

The Aran Islands are famous for its collections of Duns. The word Dún means fort and the islands are famous all over the world for theirs. These are thought to date from the late Bronze age( 1100BC) through to the Iron age (300BC-500AD). My personal favourite has to be Dún Aengus. Just imagine standing, literally the edge of the earth, looking out across the ocean, wind in your hair and the most beautiful view that I promise you will ever see anywhere. The dun lies at the end of the largest Island. You make your way up and around the stony road and up the rugged landscape to a flat grassy area at the top.. Walk forward slowly (be careful) look out across the ocean where there is nothing but the beauty of water meeting sky for as far as you can see. The 100 meter drop into the waves is a sight you will never forget in your lifetime, (please stay away from the real edge as it can get very windy suddenly).

As you stand there do a 360 degree turn and look back on the island.. see the lighthouse in the bay ..the rugged beauty of the island below and watch the Alantic Ocean as it performs to whatever mood it is in for on that given day. You can also see the full outline of the Galway Bay and Connemara. Think of me when you see it .. and just say WOW ! It really is that impressive.

So for beauty, for history, for friendless, for a world away from the world you know. Trust me when I tell you there is no place like it. You instantly feel that you are a world away from the stress of everyday life. The beauty that surrounds you soon makes its way into your own soul and you instantly feel different. Just trust me on that. Marcella x

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