Its not very often in the West of Ireland that we have Mediterranean days. But when we do, there is no place as beautiful. The sunsets are truly like a Paul Henry or Percy French painting.

From golden oranges to twilight mauve’s, moving into the blues of the night. A simple refreshing after supper pudding are poached pears.

What you need:

4 nearly ripe pears. Make sure they firm.

3.5 cups of water.

Zest and juice of 1 lemon

4 cardamon pods

2 cups of white sugar

2 cups of medium dry white wine

2 table spoons of rose water


Mix water, wine, lemon juice, zest and cardamon in a large pot and bring to simmer over a medium heat. Add peeled pears with stems and poach for 7-12 minutes until tender but not mushy.

With a slotted spoon remove pears to a dish , add sugar to the remaining liquid and reduce to light syrup for 6-8 minutes. Remove cardamon pods and drizzle the wine syrup over the pears adding the rose water, serve in an elegant glass, serve watching the sunset. Serves 4.