Even the thrush did not give his early morning concert. Walking under a deep blue sky with some stars still shining brightly from above and a sea with glittering foam caps beside me the strong wind was my only companion.

Rough weather

It seemed as if there were even more winds involved for whatever direction I went I met her strength coming towards me. And with her she brought a severe cold which went right through me. I realized the implacability of the force I had to deal with. A similar quality as what happened last night with a long-lasting downpour which never seemed to stop.

Later in the day

During the past year, up till this moment I did not really have the chance to deal with these forces for winter has been mild with hardly any storm or rainfall of significance. Not only the primrose is blooming yet but also the lesser celandine while the wild garlic is growing fast. And so are the rose and the tears of God or the fuchsia, untiring in showing their beautiful colours.


Lesser celandine

Experiencing Spring, seemingly running towards us instead of coming step by step and forget all about the weather, is lovely. However, having to think which season we actually are in and what season is coming next. . .
Although it is a cold and windy day I love it because it gives me back my alertness to be in the moment.

A new year has begun

To be the filling of the sandwich means not only able to look on what was but also what needs to be done and how to realize. Well that was what I did today I moved to another place on the island.

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin