Embedded in a pale blue sky the few clouds are shaped like feathers of a seabird. Pointed southwards they are strongly driven by the wind coming from the north and blowing over Inis Meáin. It is cold this early morning but it is dry and that is the main thing. A fair day may lie ahead of us.


And so it turns out. It is only some hours later that Trácht Each, the stony beach at the northern part of the west, is being milked by the sun. What a pleasure to follow her shadow moving in a fast pace over the surface. It is in no time that many subtle shades of grey pass my vision. Although it is lovely to observe this magnificent view now from the highest terrace I cannot wait to get ready and set off to be in it.

nicely-roundedNicely rounded

I walk the winding road which guides me over two terraces lower down where at the cross road I take the left wing. It is almost at the far end of the road, just before there where the ceremonious sounding entrance stones at both sides of the road, prepare you a welcome. However, I take the turn to the limestone slabs.

in-metamorphoseIn metamorphose

Massive of lime stone has paved the sea here. At some places there are many small and sharply edged broken pieces while at other spots I come across big and nicely rounded stones also.


In the grykes, the deep cracks in the slabs, I see lovely and exotic ferns which are probably only able to develop and survive in these places because of the sheltered place they are growing in.
Unexpectedly I am confronted with a puffin hole when I cross a small heap of big stones. As it is low tide I can have a close look at it. Just as the stones at this beach and deep down too, this hole is round shaped as well. The many different layers in colour, design and thickness are impressive.


different-layersDifferent layers

After having taken another barrier of stones though an, almost overwhelming, touch of gratitude fills my heart. It is here as if I enter the eternal world where past, present and future are united.

eternal-worldEternal world

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin

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