On a fair day you can spot her coming, even from far way out. She, banríon na farraige or queen of the sea. Well, a queen she definitely is but in her own right, I would say. The way for example she presents herself, every morning and every evening, is endearing; with a straightened back she faces in full trust those what wants to come towards her. Having her “wings” in a well behaved manor alongside herself, she is a penguin alike.

cleaving-the-wavesCleaving the waves

How moving it is to see her coming and how touching at the same instant it is also, to observe her enthusiasm; from far away you almost can feel the nearly indomitable and impetuous eager she has to moor the pier, she spurts along. Facing them she cleaves the big waves aside and on she strives. There is no stopping her. Like a knife she cuts her way directing her aim.

and-there-she-comesThere she is

“Yes, that’s what it is she said, I am bewildered. It is not that I am frightened or scared. No, I am just bewildered. It is not long after the ferry moored at the pier that she asked the boatman “ where am I”? “This is the middle one out of the three islands, which you have chosen as your destination for today”, he answered patiently. She looked around but nobody seemed to offer up to embark like she was intended to do. “What am I supposed to do”? She said desperately for on the quay she did not see a soul.

a-taste-of-inis-meainA taste of Inis Meáin

“What can I do here” she asked him again. Well, you can walk the island I suppose and you can climb the forts. But look, do you see that car over there? I am sure that is the place you are welcome to put your questions on. And be assured we will come back to pick you up again later this afternoon. And off the queen rounded the corner of the pier under way to her next destination.
There was a long list of questions she wanted to inquire about whether there is public transport on the island, pony and trap, shops and a variety of restaurants. The answer was ‘no’. Not as such. And who does live in all these houses. I do not see anybody at all. Where are they. And what about all the noises I am used to hear?

low-tideLow tide

A sip of fresh and strong Irish tea did good on her for then she wished to head down for the church. What a lovely and intimate church you have and so full of peace she confided me later on.

coming-homeComing home

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin


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