I certainly do miss it. Farther away than a breath from centuries old fort my former cottage dwelling hardly was.
A lovely and quiet spot and just below the top terrace which provides an all-round view over the island too.

Dún Chonchúir

When one comes, and visit Inis Meáin for a day trip or a short stay I can very well imagine the probable thinking of the island as being small and relatively easy to access. You just go where ever you like to go. Hardly any limit or border have to be taken into account. As soon as you are living on the island though you are provided with a completely different perspective for you surely have your dwelling, hob or anchor here. And your radius of action is defined around your spot of living with it.


When I used to live on the eastern side although I loved to walk towards port na currach, where the sheds of the fishermen all used to be straw thatched, I hardly went there however because of the far distance whilst I often went there when I lived more close. The same happened with my frequent walks towards Cathair Synge when I lived in the west.

Special light

It is now while I am living in the middle part that I love to take a stroll, starting on the upper road opposite Teach Ósta, the pub. Actually, the road is just a boreen, a little path used to transhumance cattle which also leads towards the place where Dún Fearbhaigh, the highest fort was built once. When I turn, I have a lovely view from here over the eastern part of Inis Meáin with the houses, the stonewalled fields, the reilig or the graveyard with the gallant headstones facing the east and of course the old pier.


Climbing further up the overgrown grass boreen I meet quite a few old sheds; some of them are built in such a way that one or sometimes even two sides are integrated with the stone walls of the fields surrounded. Some still have a roof others are without.

Integrated walls

Especially from the latter ones, from their two naked gables raising towards the sky, I sense trust; in open attitude, they are willing to receive implicitly what wants to come towards them.


As well

At the top of the highest terrace I see land and sea blending into a grey blueish mixture of colour. The already fading light of the sun adds her silvery touch.

Silverly light

I still agree that I certainly do miss it but at the same time forwards me a deep sense of gratitude too of living on a pearl like Inis Meáin.


Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin