Time of daylight is almost rounded and the moon, soon be full, has taking over.

End of the day

Full Moon

With a subtle touch, she soothes nature into a wholesome sleep leaving a trace of lavender coloured cover on the endless slabs of limestone.

Lavender coloured

The day has been a fair one from which anybody could profit. The farmers high up in their tractors were driving up and down the road getting the work done before night time.

Light of Spring

As I could almost hear a sigh of satisfaction going around after the last farmer came off his machine. Peace was mantled over Inis Meáin the moment the birds had finally found their favoured places on the wires and dozed off.


With this happening only a couple of days ago, the wind now has changed his mind completely. A strong north eastern wind pipes through the tubes of the iron gates. There is no boat coming or leaving Inis Meáin. It is freezing cold and not a bird let alone any human being is eager to struggle in the air or hit the road.
Concerning the everlasting variability in the weather here, I can’t remember it would have given any delay or even respite for Beartla in charge of collecting the garbage, every single Friday on Inis Meáin for many, many years. Whether there was a storm, rain or severe sunshine which splits the rocks, it was him going down at sunrise on his Honda to collect the cart and go around the houses to relieve people from things they did not want anymore. Thank you so much. Tá muid buíochas díot! (we are grateful to you)


Nevertheless, Spring is. Although the day is clouded there is still that specific sparkle of light, clear and without any history peeping through a layer of clouds giving unexpectedly her shine upon the earth.


As it just might happen after having visited the island you consider it was not real but a dream from which you awoke at least invigorated and feeling revitalized. After all you have taken in, the hours you were, the adventure could be felt being drenched unawares into a world you never would have thought of her existence at all. It is lovely that you came, being led without really knowing where you decided to go to.

Slán go fóill,
Elisabeth from Inis Meáin