Lasta Mara

Lasta Mara

In a split second everything just came back to me; the loud horn for example of the Lasta Mara, the freight boat, which brought the biggest secret ever and the very first dug potatoes of the season donated out of gratitude for her coming.

Fertilizer for getting the best potatoes

I presume everybody on Inis Meáin still remembers vividly how everything was well organized. Not a thing was forgotten. Long before it all happened every spot on the island got special attention and was very well looked after, the old iron was collected and brought to the new pier. The houses got a new paint. And the sides of the roads were cleared of any iniquity.

Inis MeáinInis Meáin

and there she comesAnd there she comes

And then early that morning, binoculars at hand, many a person were trying to spot the plane due to land soon on the airstrip. A couple of hours later it was only that we shook hands with her before the party went inside the school where another welcome was awaiting by the children, all prepared with their instruments at hand and the elderly seated in a long and colourful row along side.

It was twice that “The cripple of Inis Meáin” written by Máirtín Mc. Donnagh was performed here, only three years ago, on the spot for the very first time ever. It was a huge happening in Halla Naoimh Eoin (community hall named after Saint John) which was packed with Islanders, friends and Uachtarán na hÉreann (President of Ireland).

a huge happening it wasA huge happening it was

This joy, all came back the moment Maria and Yura disembarked on Inis Meáin. All the way from Moscow, they came, eager visiting the very spot where the play has its ‘roots.

It was thrilling to hear from them that this play was watched by a person from Siberia! It was through him that “The cripple of Inis Meáin”, although it kept its’ theme, was turned into something specifically suitable in the Russian situation.

eagerly waiting for disembarkationEagerly waiting for disembarkation

Slán go fóill,

Elisabeth from Inis Meáin