The generosity of the islanders is astonishing. There are many worthy causes that we as a community give to including; the RNLI, local GAA, Chernobyl Childrens Fund, Smiles for Shauna.

Over the years on the 4th of July we remember the Irish Diaspora in America, and those less fortunate in other parts of the world. Local families on Inis Mor have annually hosted children from Chernobyl for one month during the summer. On July 4th generally there is pot luck with many islanders making delicious culinary contributions to a festive meal. One memorable dish was carrot and parsnip bake that Mrs Joyce of Kilmurvey house made. It was the stand out festival dish of the evening. We are pleased to share this recipe with you. Have a great July 4th and remember if you are on the island and you do see the RNLI contributions box please give generously, for the lifeboat is manned by a dedicated crew of volunteers from the Island.

What you need;

250ml cream

2 large parsnips

6 carrots

1 tablespoon of butter

Teaspoon each of salt and pepper

1/3 cup of cooking oil

85g of grated Parmesan

Half a cup of cooking oil

4 cups of white breadcrumbs

Peel and grate carrots and parsnip. Over a medium heat, add the butter and half of the cooking oil to let the butter clarify. Add carrots and parsnip with seasoning and sweat until tender. Pour the cream in, place in a shallow dish and stand aside. In a mixing bowl, add Parmesan, breadcrumbs , remainder of the oil, a pinch of salt, rub together so that the Parmesan is evenly distributed. Spread breadcrumb , parmesan mixture evenly over the carrot and parsnip that has been set aside in the shallow dish. Bake in the oven at gas mark 5 for 12 minutes or until the crust is golden. Serve immediately with your favorite barbecued meat. Happy July 4th.