It is hard to believe that it almost one year since the passing of our (poet Laureate) Seamus Heaney (August 30 2013)

Fondly we remember him through his poems, “lovers on Aran” and “Blackberry Picking” . The two poems together sum up Aran at this time of year. With stone walls along the Boreens heavy with fruit after one of the most glorious summers in a long while. The autumnal air has bought with it sightings of pheasants and the first sloes turning their beautiful aubergine color accenting the mauve of the wild heather, fuchsia and last of the remaining hairbells.

There is nothing more peaceful than wondering through the fields silently eating and picking blackberries. Enjoy them in a simply made jam or with apples in a crumble. Do remember to freeze some to use during the long dark winter months when the aroma will bring you back to your love of Aran.


Backberry and Apple Crumble

  2 ounces of porridge
  2 ounces of plain flour
  7 ounces of caster sugar
 6 ounces of butter
 6 ounces of blackberries
  1 pound of stewed apples
 place flower , sugar and porridge flakes in bowl
 add butter
 rub into dry ingrediants to form a crumble
 Mix blackberries and apples together and place in an oven proof dish
 add sugar to taste, spread crumble over the fruit and apple mixture
 and bake in preheated oven at gas mark 4 for 20-25 minutes. Serve hot with custard or yoghurt.