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Along the Boreens on Inis Mor Island in the summer you often come across wild strawberries growing. These are small, fragrant, and intensely flavored. Mixed with the cultivated Wexford strawberries they are delicious served with Balsamic vinegar reduction.


What you need:

A handful of wild strawberries

1 punnet of cultivated strawberries

teaspoon of sugar

half a glass of balsamic vinegar

Wash and slice the cultivated strawberries in half

Mix in the wild strawberries and sprinkle the sugar on top and set aside.

In a small saucepan under a medium heat add the balsamic vinegar and reduce to half or until it begins to go syrupy. Be careful not to burn.

Let it cool and drizzle over the strawberries and serve.

Deliciously simple.