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Good Morning,
Often in the past when I have been in different parts of the world with my heart aching for my island and my eyes weary for the want of seeing my beloved island – in my mindseye one of the stand out and most personally treasured memories were the breathtaking and inspiring sunsets in the West- the divine palate and brush strokes on the unending and open Western Sky would warm anyone’s heart.

But, I am sitting here with a steaming hot cup off coffee, two slices of brown bread with real butter on them and watching the sun rise, up from behind the Burren, it throws beautiful shards of light peacemeal across on to Galway Bay, Inis Mean and eventually cuan cill einne in front of me here has been transformed into what I could only call heaven.

If there is a better way to experience the start of a day, I honestly couldn’t tell you what it is. If there is a place called heaven on earth, well then, I know I’ve just had my breakfast in it.

I remember a number of years ago doing a couple of trips on the deck on a trawler for a friend – a man with an unrivalled love and knowledge of the Sea – the unmistakable Paddy Mullen and we were on the Iolar – anyway, as we steamed out through the Gregory Sound both in awe of the beauty around us, Paddy with the twinkling in eyes and the divilment in his smile said  “Ireland is an island off the coast of Aran ” .

For my money, hard to not agree with that.