cialis 20 mode d'emploi After a prolonged chilly spring we at last get to mid summer when the days are long with twilight at 11pm.

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cialis tadalafil femme Our taste buds are longing for new potatoes. The potato fields on Aran are labor intensive. During the months of February and early march seaweed is collected from the shores and placed in the fields, the ridges / Aran beds are dug and as the seaweed decomposes it acts a natural fertilizer. The seed potatoes are planted. Seeing the lush green foliage blowing in the sea breeze is a joy to behold. The harvested new potatoes have slightly salty taste from the seaweed. For St Johns eve, all the villages on Inis Mor have bonfire with a festive atmosphere. A simple and ingenious way to add flavor to the new potatoes is by placing a few spriggs of fresh mint in the boiling water. This adds a unique taste. Serve cooked potatoes with lots of butter and a few freshly chopped mint leaves.

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